About Us

iDecking Revolution brought to you by an italian company born to innovate in the field of outdoor decking and wall claddings. Our team has undergone years of research and development with some of the world’s most important architects, designers and qualified deck builders.

This research has given us the opportunity to alleviate all the main issues and problems associated with traditional deck building techniques and materials, starting a true revolution in decking field.

  • Would you believe that you are able to install your decking using just your feet?
  • Able to remove one or more single decking profiles in any point without using a screwdriver?
  • Or discover that the most innovative, resistant and Eco-Friendly decking is made of Rice Husk?

iDecking Revolution makes all this possible!

domotexOur patented systems EasyClick™ and EasyChange™ simplify and revolutionize all the traditions of installing systems used all over the world.

DURO is the name of the most innovative 100% recyclable material we studied to fix all the issues tied to stability, resistance and longevity of traditional woods, which are now available via the iDecking Revolution offer.